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Research Support

The BUSE Library provides a wide range of services in support of the research interests of students, faculty and staff. There is a research commons in the library where computers are dedicated for scholarly use only to support scholarship and learning. You can get some insights from the How To Guides that are available on the Library webpages.

All Faculty Librarians are available by appointment to assist both staff and students with in depth research questions. Assistance can be provided in retrieving e-resources to get scholarly materials for identifying the research gap and for compiling the literature review. Selective dissemination of information and current awareness services are also provided by the library.

Librarians also help patrons with identifying the appropriate journals for publishing their research output. The research output is also archived by the library in BUSE institutional repository to ensure that the information is accessible. The library assists authors with research data management services and citation tracking to show the impact of the research.

To schedule an appointment please call or e-mail your Faculty Librarian on the contact details available on the Faculty web pages which are accessible via the library web pages.

Physical Address

BUSE Library
Town Campus
Border Gezi Road

Phone Numbers

Phone1: 0712 842 716
Phone2: 0712 842 717
Phone3: 0712 842 718

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