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Reference services

One of the best services offered.

Reference service is any assistance provided by library staff to library patrons seeking information to help them find the information they need. Professional librarians can help library patrons find particular information, suggest sources on a topic, help with search terms, or help in any other way to find what clients need and learn more about how to find information.

Need help in finding a book, journal article, searching a database, or starting a research paper, the Reference Librarian is there at your service.

The library also offers e-reference services by placing answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the library’s website, a web form for library patrons to ask reference questions, an e-mail address, and real time assistance using live chat, Facebook, skype or WhatsApp.

You can get reference help through any of the following:

  • In person at the reference desk. It is manned all the times when the library is open by a Reference Librarian who is ready to assist in all manner of research.
  • E-mail help – Simply send your information need to Please include your name and phone number.
  • Research guides – These are available on the library webpage.
  • Individual research appointments – if you need a refresher on how to use library resources, database searching, referencing and inter-library loans.
  • You can contact us using any of the methods provided in below.

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