Inter Library Loan

BUSE Library Circulation services

Interlibrary loan service is a resource sharing service whereby a patron of one library can borrow books that are owned by another library. Patrons make requests with their local library, which, acting as an intermediary, identifies owners of the desired item, places the request, receives the item, makes it available to the user, and arranges for its return.

BUSE Library offers ILL services with regard to the materials that are not locally available. It borrows the materials on behalf of the client. Patrons are advised to contact the library with their queries and should bring all the bibliographic details of the needed material. The due date is set by the library which owns the material and patrons are advised to utilise the materials within the stipulated times to avoid accruing of fines.

How to access the ILL facility

The patron can fill in the ILL form on the website. Alternatively, the patron can visit the Reference Librarian, who will fill in the request form for the required resource. The owning library responds by sending the requested material to the borrowing library or supplies a reason why it cannot meet the request.

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