Reference Services

It is the assistance that is given to library patrons to help them answer their information need.

Research Assistance

All Faculty Librarians are available by appointment to assist both staff and students with in depth research questions.

Extension Services

The Library provides materials and services outside the library’s regular service centres. Library extension services include offering library materials and services to the different external libraries.

Internet Services

The Library offers Internet and computing Services for all patrons. Patrons should be aware of the rules and regulations governing the use of computers.

Inter Library Loan

BUSE Library offers ILL services with regard to the materials that are not locally available. It borrows the materials on behalf of the patrons. Patrons are advised to contact the library with their queries

Patrons With Special Needs

Users with special needs are assisted by library staff to get access to the library resources. These include those who are wheelchair bound, and those with visual impairments. They are assisted in using the Online Public Access Catalogue and retrieving library materials.

Electronic Information Services

BUSE Library provides access to electronic resources in the form of electronic journal databases, theses and dissertations, past examination papers, research output of BUSE in the form of published articles, conference proceedings, and book chapters.
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